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This was such a cute game I loved playing it. Raphael is the cutest little angel. Hope to see more of your games. Thank you for making it <33


This was a heartwarming, squealing-inducing, and sweet story. I loved the art, accompanying music, sound effects that truly set the tone and atmosphere. Raphael's character was especially a favorite. 

Your writing style is delicate and intricate (if that makes sense) it's beautiful, like Raphael. 

Overall this was a lovely story, please continue writing!! 

Aww thank you! We let our writer know ❤️

Glad to hear they'll know my heartfelt appreciation for their work :) And yours

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Hi and sorry at bother you but I have a question: you say there are 3 endings but I would like to know what these 3 endings are, please.

Is it Happy, Good and Bad End type of endings?


Yeah something like that :)


I had fun playing :D Love raphael


Cute game, very pretty and fluffy :)


wow this looks very cute!




yw :)

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Looks interesting!  However, I got an error message after "How dare he speak to me that way!" (the guy at the coffee shop who was being a dick).  I was able to ignore it and continue the game, but I thought you should know.

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I also got an error after telling Raphael my name, and when we went to try the donuts.


Thanks!! I'll look into it asap :) Let me know if you find anymore 

Ok!  Those were the only ones I found in my playthrough.

sweet, thanks for telling us! It should be fixed now :)

Awesome! :D