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If Michael and Ace weren't enough, Deliver Us From Evil: Cadenza a DLC expansion pack includes the man you wanted to date but couldn't - the elusive and striking Lord Keldran. His route comes as a polygamous romance option with bad boy, Ace. Develop your relationship and capture the hearts of two hot men through a whirlwind of passion and mystery.

Base game: https://galengames.itch.io/dufe

Prequel following Keldran and Ace: https://galengames.itch.io/dufe-masquerade

There are also three mature content epilogue ficlets available in case you want to spend more time with Keldran or Ace! https://galengames.itch.io/dufe-epilogue-ficlets

If you like what we're doing and would like to see more content, support us on ko-fi or patreon

Format : Visual Novel

Genre : Romance, Otome, Mystery, Supernatural

Length : ~2-3 hours

Language : English

Platform : PC (Windows, Mac, Linux)

2 characters you date together: Keldran and Ace

4 unlockable CGs with variations

2 endings

Partially voiced

Art/Director : Crysil

Writing : Rico Hatton

Music/SFX : Ednar Pinho

Programming :  Ayael

Scripting: midge

UI: Foleso

Copy Editing: Leporine

VA direction:  Ashe Thurman


Ryan Hoyle (Ace) 

Bradley Gareth (Michael)

Alex Gardipe (Keldran)

Henry Schrader (bartender Troy)

Leandro Cavalcante (Keldran Opera)

Logo: DAX

Cocoon sprite art:Miles

Beta-testing: Allie Vera

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(33 total ratings)
AuthorGalen Games
GenreVisual Novel
TagsAmare, Anime, Dating Sim, Female Protagonist, Gothic, LGBT, Otome, polyamory, Romance, supernatural


Buy Now$6.99 USD or more

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Finally getting around to playing this and just finished chapter 3 and let me say, I am losing my mind over this story. Is it partially because hehe hot men make my brain go brrrr? Yes. But the story's also one that I didn't realize I'd enjoy so much. Anyway, off to go scream some more every few scenes <3


I loved this so much!! I was at the edge of my seat the entire time and the twists and turns were wonderful! Some of the stuff was completely unexpected and I really died when I went in without knocking in chapter 3 😳😳😳

I need more Keldran and Ace please!


I like this dlc. I only read the novel because of it. It was a little cliché at times though. But overall great. Thanks.

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This was really good in general but holy shit, the bad ending lives in my head rent free. 


Absolutely cannot stop thinking about all three of them alone and completely heartbroken, Ariel eventually falling... And I suspect Michael isn't having a very good time in this ending either tbh.

Hi, thanks so much for playing the game and your comment! Would you mind adding a spoiler tag though or avoid describing the ending? 


Right, sorry, didn't think of that!

no worries! Thanks for adding it 😊


Is this poly only or can you romance just Keldran?


Poly only but you get some really good quality time with him and Ace.


Ok thanks, poly isn't my cup of tea but I love that creators are doing something different and being inclusive of others.


YESSSS!! This was so good, I died multiple times!! Thank you 😊 

Np! Thank you so much for playing!


DUFE : Candenza 

A real delight for the senses✨

An absolute wonder that will scotch you to your screen.

As if Ace wasn't charming enough already, Keldran is the embodiment of the expression "He will sweep you off your feet"❤️‍🔥