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Do you hear that voice that calls out to your heart? 

Dual Chroma: Far Shore is a short otome game taking place in the fantasy world of Aradal; a rich land with a storied history you can begin to explore. Choose your pronouns and play as an islander living at the edge of the world, enjoying spending your days on lush beaches with a handsome stranger. Your choices and personality will shape how Kassian, the mysterious traveler, views you. 

 Will you listen to the voice, or ignore it? 

How will your story end?

Same universe: Dual Chroma: Academy Carols and Dual Chroma

Length: ~1-2h

1 romanceable character (Kassian)

3 unlockable CGS

2 endings

Partially voiced

Made for NanoRenO 2022


Art/Director/UI/Programmer : Crysil

Writer/Scripter/Directing Assistant: LunaMakaio

Music/SFX : Ednar Pinho

Scripter: Rowanty

Editor/PM Assistant: illegalileo

VA direction:  Ashe Thurman

VA (Kassian): Dane Braddy

Beta-testing: Allie Vera,  Awiola


PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(22 total ratings)
AuthorGalen Games
GenreVisual Novel, Adventure, Interactive Fiction
TagsAmare, Anime, Dating Sim, Fantasy, Gay, LGBT, Otome, Romance


Buy Now$3.49 USD or more

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I won a copy of Dual Chroma: Far Shore in a giveaway. Many thank for the free game! Aradal is a big fantasy world we get a little tropical slice of in Far Shore. The art and music are soothing and immersive, and Kassian's VA does fantastic work adding depth to his dialogue. I wasn't expecting his mouth to be animated! Cool! The bittersweet romance with Kassian felt a little forced, but I enjoyed his and MC's conversations about traveling, getting older, and figuring out what one wants out of life. The game really nailed what it's like to have an older person listen, advise, and converse with you during a long beach walk. I was left with some questions, but overall, Far Shore is an a hour well-spent among the sand and sea.


Thank you so much for your wonderful feedback!! Kassian is definitely wise for his age and we loved the beach vibes too! Would be curious to hear what questions you had if you still remember haha!


Oh, this is just amazing. Like she said at one point, bittersweet but all the more worth it and wonderful. Everything is so well-done - art, voice, story/plot - the story and world-building is so well-developed that I would love more in this setting and even more of Kassian. This was just wonderful. Thank you so much for your hard work.


ok I cried omg I wished they got to be together they would of been great together thanks for the story 


Sorry at bother you, but when you say that you wish they were together, do you mean that no matter if it's the good or bad end they don't stay together?


Hey thanks for your interest ☺️ they may or may not end up together but we kindly ask that you don't ask for spoilers in the comment section. We have a guide for both endings in the devlogs if you want to play through 😊


oh sorry I don’t reply much I will watch what I say for now on thank you for replying 


really loved the game! the ending music is perfect 


hiuahsuau this game was so goood!! I loved Kassian!! ToT <3333


Love the game, and Kassian just made my heart go POPPPPP! (probably not healthy)


So good! I'm still thinking about the ending... also Kassian was SO handsome, I fell in love with the cgs and his voice!


how is it that his eyes always feel like "bedroom" eyes?!? But I guess it's bedroom everything, the dude is gorgeous.

Deleted 2 years ago

We don't want to spoil anything but you can check the walkthrough we just posted for help 😊 We hope you enjoyed the game so far!

Deleted 2 years ago

All I can say is that this is Magnificent


Gorgeous! The art, the characters, the conversations, the story
I'm pretty invested in the lore of Far Shore now :D
Do you intend to continue with this setting? *-*


Thank you! Yes we’ll do at least one more game in the same setting 😊


Yay! Looking forward to it :)


I loved it!! It was bittersweet but the experience was very much worth it!! The writing, art, & voice acting were top notch. Great job and congrats on release! :D

Thank you so much!! Glad you loved it :)