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A gilded king, a powerful sorceress, and a malevolent figure governing a foul legion of beasts in a ruthless war against the Light. 

For centuries, the Galens Empire has thrived upon the ancient tragedy that formed its foundations. No more than a fading past inked upon the pages of history, the Empire reigned in relative peace—until the monsters returned. 

As the newest advisor to the Second Prince, you find yourself at the heart of a captivating saga, where mystery, magic, terror, and romance intertwine. 

Your choices in this narrative will determine not only the Empire's destiny, but also the fate of your heart. But take heed, for the path you tread may shatter the shackles of doomed love or repeat the ruin of Galens' past.

Prequel:  https://galengames.itch.io/dual-chroma-haereticus

Seasonal Prequel: https://galengames.itch.io/academy-carols

Same universe: https://galengames.itch.io/far-shore

Like the demo? The full game is currently in development after a successful kickstarter!


Blerdy Otome https://blerdyotome.com/2023/08/15/dual-chroma-demo-review/

Fuwanovel: https://fuwanovel.net/2023/08/review-dual-chroma-demo-an-awe-inspiring-fantasy/

press kit

FORMAT:  Visual Novel with RPG battles

GENRE: Romance, Otome, Fantasy, Adventure, Mystery, RPG

LENGTH: ~10k words (100k+  words planned)


PLATFORM: PC (Windows, Mac, Linux)

Original Sountrack

Partial VA

Narrative RPG battles

Director/Art (Sprites/CGs) - Crysil

Writer /Dialogue Engineer - Rico Hatton

Programmer/Scripter - Midge

Music/SFX - Ednar Pinho

Narrative Design - Rascal

Copy Editor: Leporine 

UI - Kathaeris

Project Management - Windchimes

BGs - doodle-space, kjkjmulo, Son Huynh, Keira

VA Director: Ashe Thurman

Keldran VA: Alex Gardipe

Lucion VA: Tareek Talati

Roschenn VA: Kyle Kaczmarczyk

Phoenecia VA: Erin Evan-Walker

Kostas VA: Kevin Urban

Minerva VA: Hannah Hellwig

Logo: Ingthing

Marketing Graphics: Ayael

Beta-readers: FangWindchimes, Jaylin Dunn

Special Thanks: AyaelFeniksillegalileo



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DualChroma-demo-1.3-pc.zip 519 MB
DualChroma-demo-1.3-mac.zip 514 MB

Development log


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I can't wait for the full game to be out but in the meantime, I'm really curious as to how the player character from the Academy Carols game fits into this new game cause I'm really hoping for some closure on their story. 

I haven't played the demo cause I honestly don't do well with cliff hangers and prefer playing through games in one-shot haha so it would be nice to know if the MC in this game is the same PC from Academy Carols or if the PC from Academy Carols will appear as an NPC. 

Hi, thanks for the interest! We'll have an arc in the full game where some questions will be answered

The art is lovely throughout, with lots of detail and color. The backgrounds are gorgeous and the character designs are interesting and distinctive; no two look alike yet. The story is set in a fantasy world with magic, and you get to see a few spell effects and some rather elegant scenes. The interface is unique and in keeping with the overall style. You get to choose the main character's first name and hair color, and the purple was too pretty for me to pass up - but I'm a purple fan in general, and it seems to be used often in the demo, which made me happy.

Most aspects of the story and characters didn't surprise me yet, but that's okay: I was interested in where the visions were going and totally fine with letting Keldran charm me anyway. This is also a brief demo; there's a lot of room for growth.

I liked that there were mouse-over glosses for people, places, and other important aspects of the lore. It helps you keep track of all the new terms (along with First and Second Empresses, Princes, etc.).

I had a few technical issues with the version I played on Steam that I wasn't able to resolve:

  • The sound blip whenever I moused over a clickable element was driving me batty, but I didn't turn it off completely because I wanted to hear the other sound effects. Please, please, make that an option we can turn off on its own.
  • The volume of the music and voices was too low. Even when I set them to max levels and wore headphones, I couldn't get a good level of sound. What I did hear sounded pretty good; I would have liked to hear more of it. While I do have some noise issues because of fans and AC running, I am not hard of hearing, I checked all sound settings on my system more than once, and I haven't had this issue with other games or programs.
  • I couldn't use magic during the first round of combat for no clear reason. The Talk option made it seem like Keldran could/would heal the main character, but he didn't.

I have to admit, I'm new to the hybrid visual novel that intersperses combat with narrative scenes. In general, I'm someone who can enjoy older RPG games and simpler styles, but I just don't know if hybrids are going to work out for me. Even though the combat layout and sprites looked good in Dual Chroma, the fighting just didn't draw me in. There were so many extra clicks I had to do to move things forward, such as every time anyone takes a turn, that rounds became tedious. I'm glad there's a story mode option to skip battles in Dual Chroma, so people can play in whichever way suits them best. The project is off to a good start and I hope it does well! I'll be posting a quick review to my website in the hopes that others check it out.


A fantastic demo! I am incredibly excited for this game and its newly launched Kickstarter, definitely recommend backing it!

This game is just wonderful to look upon. The UI is lovely, and there are a ton of wonderful little touches, from the magic effects to the mouse over dictionary entries. The battle system is so cool, I definitely had a fangirl moment when that popped up!

The sprites are gorgeous (with eye and mouth movements!) and the CGs and menu art are stunning. I love that our MC has a sprite, and she is adorable. Keldran is absolutely handsome and unfairly charming, I like him a lot and an excited to romance him! The side characters are interesting, with some of them being delightfully dislikable (if you have played, then you know who I am talking about).

The story has a lot of potential, and I liked the setup that we saw in the demo. Its very classic fantasy, but well done and with some interesting spins on the fantasy setup. I have GUESSES about what is happening and desperately want to know what's up!


This was wonderful -- I really liked it and I am looking forward to the full game release :) 

Thank you!


this is gorgeous!

Thank you <3


Honestly, I was worried that I wouldn't be into this because RPGs aren't really my thing, but I had a lot of fun playing it and it reminded me of playing D&D and I really love the characters and game mechanics. can't wait for the full game to be released.   

Thanks for giving the game a chance and glad you liked it! <3


What a fantastic demo! The game is very well polished and every aspect from the visuals, animations, music, battles, world-building, etc. was clearly made with love and care. It's a nice change in pace to have combat interwoven with the story, which presented just enough mysteries to leave me itching to see what comes next!

My only complaints are very minor: Every menu button having a sound blip does get annoying when saving/loading throughout a play session, and that it's not immediately obvious how the spellcasting system works in combat (unless I'm just dumb haha). I also hope that in the full version there will be enough variety in combat voice clips to not feel too repetitive. All in all it barely detracted from my playthrough, though, and I'm eagerly waiting for more!

Glad you enjoyed and thank you for the feedback!! We hope to refine the game in the future :)


What an amazing demo, I love every bit of it :D the fights are impressive and I like that Keldran is speaking there too xD the characters and the backgrounds are magnificent, the music is lovely (Keldran's singing voice in the main page of the game is lovely)

the characters are really interesting, so is the lore. I have a feeling the empress and her son are behind all the attacks...and think to 90 percent they want Keldran gone too :O maybe it's only me but the villain is kinda looking like the prince ... how weird... oh gosh, I'm looking to more about your game :D 


Thank you so much!! Yes there is a mystery — many mysteries — that you’ll get to unravel as the story continues!


Played through the demo and I had a great time! I was intrigued by the worldbuilding (already have some suspicions for where the plot will go) and I really liked the inclusion of RPG mechanics. 

The GUI is so polished and beautiful, I also liked the way the magic effects were represented on screen. Unfortunately I was immediately charmed by Lucion more than Keldran haha,  evil little brat is just my archetype... 

Thank you for your kind words!! I’m actually happy to have a Lucion fan! The little menace needs more love


Action, intrigue, banter, dashing men- this demo has it all! Everything on the screen is gorgeous to look at- major kudos there- and getting the wiggle room with MC's personality is a big plus! So far I've enjoyed being a mix of diplomatic and feisty, picking my moments to shake things up, but I can see myself doing a replay or two to see how things play out with a shyer disposition. That said, I don't think you can beat the feeling of seeing Keldran's approval when you decide to bite back a little at the right time B) I look forward to seeing how things play out!


Thanks for playing and taking the time to write this! Glad you’re biting back, best way to interact with him honestly 

It's just too fun! :>


OH THIS GAME IS ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL AND COMBINES MY TWO LOVES TOGETHER!  Dating sim? check! RPG elements? OH MY GOD CHECK! I love the mixture of the two elements and it combines it perfectly within the storyline.

The art style is beautiful, the voice acting is amazing, and the overall storyline has me at the edge of my seat.

I remember when I first saw there was RPG battle elements in the game and I started squealing because I didn't expect there to be these type of battles, but I GOT SO EXCITED.

I love the MC, especially since I do tend to play mage characters in RPGs so this MC fits perfectly. I can't wait to learn more about this story and this world as the game continues! The demo was so beautifully written it has me excited for the future storyline! 

Aaaa glad you liked it! We spent a long time coming up with the exact battle system we wanted to have and how to integrate dialogue into it so that means a lot! Mages are very important in this game so you'll have plenty of magic to choose from!


Okay, there are so many amazing things I can say about this game. First off, I was already familiar with this devs work, so I knew going in I was going to have a great time!

-The main menu itself, a masterpiece, plus the art in game from the backgrounds, special effects, sprite art, EVERYTHING is so high quality and I adore this style

-The music is beautiful and perfectly chosen for every scene, also the voice acting is top notch and suited to each character

-The lore of this world is well written and intriguing. Plus it is not hard to follow and I really get captivated as a part of it!

-I loved the choice options (any game that offers me a personality system for the MC is good in my book!)

-The glossary terms being highlighted and able to be scrolled over for context is such a great feature that helps you keep track of the story and who's who.

-THE CHARACTERS, okay. I was already a Keldran enjoyer going into this so I may be biased but OH MY GOODNESS. He is just so perfectly flirty and lovely, I couldn't get enough!

All in all I cannot wait for the full game, and pretty much anything else this dev puts out as their work is always top tier and shows how much love and care goes into their games!

Thanks so much Lacy! I'm glad you enjoyed the demo! And Keldran is a blessing every time, he'll enjoy hearing your praise :) 


I'm super happy to see that you delivered again! Everything looks AMAZING, from GUI to art - plus I loveeee when games have original soundtracks! I really admire and look up to your production quality, and aspire to reach it one day! <3

Now excuse me while I fangirl over this new Keldran <3


Thank you so much! We put a lot of love into each game <3


Ugh this looks so cool and I loved Keldran from the last game but I can't do female MC's ToT -  Still excited for it tho


Aaaah thank you! We'd love to get a male mc in the full game if we get enough funding!!

If you don't mind me asking. Is this how your other games got a Male MC?

Nope we didnt have to deal with a new sprite & cg variations, etc with them so it’s  a whole different discussion!


So  it's pay to be gay or no gay at all? T^T


Thanks for expressing your view and it is a valid concern since it may come across that way to a few who might not be familiar with our history and with certain expectations.

To expand on our previous answer we have first started working on and marketing Dual Chroma as an otome game pre 2021. We've received funding to realize that game via our Kickstarter but we also wanted to add a male mc option to mirror some  of our other games. 

Now you might be upset that male mc wasn't part of the base goal but we actually initially pitched our kickstarter with it included and people commented that the amount to be raised was too much. In a perfect world where we didn't have to pay bills and had time to do whatever we wanted we would love to include it but like any other additional asset making it takes time and effort and we would need to compensate our team, especially for a game as big as Dual Chroma. 

If it doesn't appeal to you, you are of course welcome to play any of our other games that may be more suitable for your tastes, or any other developer's games.


I LOVED this demo .... Amazing work - per usual!! More .... more .... more ... (lmao)

Glad you enjoyed it ❤️


YEAHHHHH RPG OTOME!!!!!! That was a fun teaser!! Keldran is looking sexy as always. Excited to see where this goes! 

Thanks for playing robo!!!

Hey, this looks great! I saw another game in this universe and was intrigued by the battle system, but this is the first entry I play!

I’m still playing the demo but I’ll write my feedback gradually below:

  • Bug: when text speed is set not to max, the letter MC receives at the beginning sees each paragraph rewriting in parallel to others each time I advance (Space). Are you using Renpy extend or {fast}? It should work out-of-the-box so I’m not sure what’s wrong here.
  • Text: Roschenn: “Oh? ‘Penrose’s’ critics didn’t’ seem to think so.” => not sure where the quote ends and stops. Should Penrose be quoted, or “critics” for a humorous effect? Probably not “didn’t”?
  • Text: “…although I can’t stop the skip in my step as I near my bedroom door.” => “I can’t stop skipping steps?” like jumping on every other step out of hastiness?

Thanks for listing those! We'll get to fixing them !

I finally finished the demo! I’m looking forward to the full game!

Here is my feedback for the second half of the demo:

Battle UI: I tried playing entirely with the keyboard but it wasn’t easy

  • I don’t know how to cancel Attack or Magic target selection to go back to the previous action menu (even with the mouse). Backspace doesn’t work (and Escape opens the Save menu)
  • there is however a Back button in the Magic selection, easy to click with mouse, accessible with keyboard via nav keys although I’d rather use Backspace (or Escape, but I understand it’s always bound to Save menu to allow save even during battle, which is not bad!)
  • during target selection, nav keys don’t always work. When there are two enemies, left doesn’t always select the one on the left, I had to use the mouse. Sometimes, no enemy is selected (highlighted), but Space still attacks the first enemy available.
  • showing damage in top-right text is not bad for a classic presentation (as in Golden Sun), although I would expect damage to show directly on the enemy in such a visual-oriented format (I don’t know if it’s a technical or artistic choice). I do see how it’s harder to do on the main character though, since she only has an avatar.

UI: dialogue

  • nice that you can hover names to see their summary in tooltip
  • … but there was no tooltip for Rutilus, which was quite an important character to understand what’s going on, even if off-screen. They eventually explained who it was in the dialogue, but I missed the drama for one or two text blocks (I thought he was a butler like Elias).

UI: History

  • you cannot hover the names to show their tooltips. It’s not that important, but I needed this at a particular time where I didn’t want to rollback too much, just check some info

Oh! I’m definitely going to follow this one. Wasn’t sure what I was getting into initially apart from ‘rpg’ vibes but the story blew me away !


Oh gosh!  I see you again Keldran


He is everywhere 😆


I really enjoyed the chance to play this demo in anticipation for the Kickstarter! The game looks absolutely gorgeous and I love all the cool animations you threaded to it - the mist surrounding the sinister man in the beginning of the game, as well as the magic effects were so awesome. I also loved the general look of the game - the beautiful painterly look of the backgrounds really highlight the gorgeous sprites -- and of course, the beauty of Keldran. That first CGI of him was absolutely swoon-worthy and stole my heart. Plus, I had fun a lot of fun playing through the battles - that second one got a little scary, no lie - and am excited to unravel the ancient conspiracy that's surrounding the MC and Keldran. I cannot wait for more! 


I’m so glad you enjoyed it and loved the animations!!  Honestly that CG is to die for haha. Hope to bring more soon!


AHHHHHH. I just cannot wait for the full release. I feel like I have been waiting my whole life for this. It’s been years, I have fallen in love with Keldran a thousand times over. And this game is everything I hoped it’d be, and more. I cannot wait for the whole shibang. It’s going to be wonderful. Thank you so much for all this hard work - I am so happy for us, sure; but for you to see something you worked so hard on, for so long - come to fruition.. and like this? I’m so freaking happy for you and proud of you guys! This is incredible! Keep it up!


Aaa!! Thank you so much for such a lovely review! We’re honestly so happy to have finally been able to get the game out ❤️


Presentation is super pretty. It's nice to see some more game stuff (like the RPG combat) done in Ren'py.


Yes! It took a while to do but we’re super happy with it!


Oh my gosh it looks so gorgeous!!!


Thank you 😊